Added Power Fantasy VR , a student project made in collaboration with the amazing Katharina Broswik and Magnus Drebenstedt.


At my first game jam in Bayreuth, we made Communiganda !


Added Farah to the list of projects, and met some amazing people at Quo Vadis.


OK so in the future I'm gonna figure out a cool way to show off code examples of my work, but for now let it be known that my github repository contains the source code responsible for all of my websites (the part of it that was written by me, anyway). Including these very words!


There we go. Added more projects, and screenshots. This should suffice for a while.

I'll be at Devcom August 20-24, if we met each other there, hello again, and welcome! \o/


I'm finally getting around to updating this website...


Look at me!

I'm at the GDC Europe this week, so if you're reading this then it's probably because I threw one of my business cards at you and now you're wondering what's up with that URL.

Well, hello! Thanks for stopping by. \o/ ...I'm sorry to say but I failed to upload more stuff to here. orz

If you want to get a glimpse of what I do, maybe check out my other, not-portfolio website . Come back here later for some vaguely defined awesome stuff. /o/


This is the portfolio-to-be of Daniel Schulz.