The Cursed Broom

Technical Details


  • Daniel Schulz (technical direction, game design, sound design)
  • Tina Wolfrum (art direction, narrative design, level design)

Development Log

This section presents every major milestone and which decisions went into making it.

Note that a gamepad (preferably an Xbox-ish one) is required to play these.

23.07.2020 - Milestone 5

Mechanically, we added a wall-jump and a dash, both available only while flying.

Level design wise, we completed a draft of the tutorial level, and decided for the game structure to be about a vertical climb out of a cave and into the clouds.

Play v0.5.0 online

18.06.2020 - Milestone 4

This milestone focused on making the ground/jump movement snappy, intuitive and fun. For this, the character controller of Celeste's Madeline and Super Mario World's Mario was studied and approximated. Turns are now instant, even in mid-air, and there's some coyote time when walking off of platforms.

There's also many more visuals and, finally, sound effects. And collectibles!

Play v0.4.0 online

04.06.2020 - Milestone 3

This milestone iterated the flight controls and tried to make the current avatar momentum matter a lot while mid-air. Sadly, relying on momentum a lot made Maya very floaty.

On the aesthetic side we added a lot of animations and visual effects, which improved game feel a lot!

Play v0.3.0 online

28.05.2020 - Milestone 2

At this point Tina joined the project and brought a wonderful narration of a witch with a slightly malfunctioning broom.

Gameplay introduced rotation during gliding, and a kinetic energy/potential energy translation similar to Mario's wing cap flight in Super Mario 64.

Play v0.2.0 online

14.05.2020 - Milestone 1

The first prototype is the barest-bone implementation of a gliding ability. It's inspired by Knuckles' glide in Sonic 3 and Mario's dive jump in Super Mario 64.

Play v0.1.0 online