Cursed Broom

Cursed Broom

Technical Details


  • Daniel Schulz (game design and programming)
  • Tina Wolfrum (art and level design)
  • Maximilian Meinicke (sound design and music)

Game Footage

A playthrough of version 0.7.0. Beware the spoilers!

Development Log

This section presents a playable version of every major milestone and some notes on which decisions went into making it.

Note that a gamepad (preferably an Xbox-ish one) is required to play these.

23.10.2021 - Milestone 9

This milestone focused on lots of changes to the backend that will make further development easier. First was, of course, a fix to the WebGL version of the game which broke v0.8.0. We also rewrote the character controller from scratch to get a more granular control of when all the good game juice stuff happens: Animations, sounds, rumble, particles, camera movement, and of course the movement of the avatar herself.

Cursed Broom v0.9.0
The new character controller uses Unity's Timeline to allow for frame-perfect tuning of effects.

Play v0.9.0 online

27.03.2021 - Milestone 8

Our composer asked for a high-performance build of the game to use in an arcade he was working on. So, we added a graphics quality menu and used nifty multithreading to make the game run much faster. Sadly, this broke the browser build.

Cursed Broom v0.8.0
If you're ever in Bayreuth, come check out Cursed Broom on this here arcade machine!

Play v0.8.0 online (broken)

31.10.2020 - Milestone 7

For the final milestone, lots of polish was applied to the level design, the sound effects and the character controller.

Cursed Broom v0.7.0
Now with a proper main menu!

Play v0.7.0 online

03.10.2020 - Milestone 6

This milestone focused on improving the tilemap performance, polishing the particle systems, and adding the start of the 2nd level.

Cursed Broom v0.6.0
Completing the tutorial rewards you with some pretty flowers.

Play v0.6.0 online

23.07.2020 - Milestone 5

Mechanically, we added a wall-jump and a dash, both available only while flying.

Level design wise, we completed a draft of the tutorial level, and decided for the game structure to be about a vertical climb out of a cave and into the clouds.

Cursed Broom v0.5.0
The tutorial is all about emerging from darkness.

Play v0.5.0 online

18.06.2020 - Milestone 4

This milestone focused on making the ground/jump movement snappy, intuitive and fun. For this, the character controllers of Celeste's Madeline and Super Mario World's Mario were studied and approximated. Turns are now instant, even in mid-air, and there's some coyote time when walking off of platforms.

There's also many more visuals and, finally, sound effects. And collectibles!

Cursed Broom v0.4.0
Brace for impact!

Play v0.4.0 online

04.06.2020 - Milestone 3

This milestone iterated the flight controls and tried to make the current avatar momentum matter a lot while mid-air. Sadly, the reliance on momentum made Maya very floaty.

On the aesthetic side we added a lot of animations and visual effects, which improved game feel a lot!

Cursed Broom v0.3.0
Ground movement aside, you can fly some nice sinusoidal curves.

Play v0.3.0 online

28.05.2020 - Milestone 2

At this point Tina joined the project and brought a wonderful narration of a witch with a slightly malfunctioning broom.

Gameplay introduced rotation during gliding, and a kinetic energy/potential energy translation similar to Mario's wing cap flight in Super Mario 64.

Cursed Broom v0.2.0
Also, particle systems.

Play v0.2.0 online

14.05.2020 - Milestone 1

The first prototype is the barest-bone implementation of a gliding ability. It's inspired by Knuckles' glide in Sonic 3 and Mario's dive jump in Super Mario 64.

Cursed Broom v0.1.0
In retrospect, binding both jump and glide to "any key" might have been a mistake (i.e., analog joystick to move).

Play v0.1.0 online