Content Management System "Farah"


In order to study software architecture, networking interfaces, and programming in general, I've created my own content management system. I've been working on it since ca. 2011, tho have only recently ported the codebase to github and packagist . Its homepage is .

Some of its features are:

  • Serving entire websites via a custom-made sitemap file .
  • Accessing individual files, dynamically generated content, or content streams via a uniform protocol defined in a custom-made manifest file .
  • Localization via custom-made dictionary files .
  • A dependency manager for CSS and JavaScript resources.
  • HTTP negotiation support for client language, data compression, ranged requests, and caching.
  • Support for a wide variety of XSLT processors, up to XSLT 3.0.
  • Support for multithreaded content generation.
  • All HTML resources served as application/xhtml+xml. Death to text/html!
  • Available as the composer package "slothsoft/farah".